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The Future of Web Design?


There are very few businesses out there today who do not have a website in one form or another and it is crucial that the design and content are right for your company, but, this can be a complicated and expensive business. Any software that comes along which might make this job less arduous and costly is always welcomed and one that is already shaping the future of web design is called PageCloud.

What is PageCloud?

PageCloud is described as a web design software program for complete novices that provides a WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor to create a range of different designs. The company was founded by Craig Fitzpatrick who believes that HTML and CSS coders shouldn’t be the only people who are able to create websites.

He, with a team of seven, have created this software with the aim of allowing even the most inexperienced person to create a website – website design for dummies, to use another popular idea. The idea would be that ‘marketing people’ would be allowed to edit websites rather than just relying on ‘tech people’ to create it. The software first showcased on TechCrunch 2015 and quickly received good reports. Early backers include Tobias Luke of Shopify and Sarah Imbach, former Chief of Staff at LinkedIn.

What does it do?

To start with PageCloud may seem a little like other simplified web content systems such as Wix. There are pre-built templates with elements to add to them and fonts to choose. Then the differences come in because the software allows users to take elements from any page and drop it into the software. This means users can copy a font, a layout or even take a design straight from Photoshop to the website.

As the website states, you can start with anything – Photoshop, content, a website design of even an idea. With Photoshop you can copy and paste layers while content such as spreadsheets, widgets, images and even charts can be incorporated straight into the design.

The software also allows users to create dedicated page versions for mobile users, allowing their site to increase its mobile friendly rankings. Added to this is the fully SEO friendly nature of PageCloud, helping with those search engine rankings.

For those who already have a website, there is even the ability to bring your favourite widgets to PageCloud as it is compatible with the top 3rd party widgets. The company guarantee a worry-free process that is fully hosted, avoiding concerns about reliability and crashes.


PageCloud offers a great balance between all the gadgets that can make a website a little better with a simple interface that a complete learner can easily come to terms with. The ability to import an existing website, existing content or even fonts that you love from all over the web, mean it offers a higher level of personalisation than most of its competitors. It also offers a monthly payment plan that means for the small business, there isn’t a single payment to be made but rather a series of small monthly amounts that won’t break the bank.

5 Tips For Hiring A Reliable Web Designer For Your Startup


When you’re trying to start up a business, there are a number of things you have to deal with. You have to worry about figuring out the laws. You have to figure out location. You have to figure out the details of the services you’re offering. These things alone are enough to make a person incredibly stressed. So stressed that it’s easy to put the website on the back burner.

Unfortunately, that’s not a thing you can do. In the internet age, you need to have a good website. What’s more, you have to make sure the site is professional. If you don’t have any experience designing a website, then you’re going to have to hire a professional. But how do you make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

1) Know What You Want

Don’t go into the search with a vague idea of what you’re looking for. Have a solid idea. What’s more, keep in mind that they are the professional. They will know what looks good and what doesn’t. So while you need to have a solid idea, make sure you’re letting them do their job.

2) Check The Portfolio

All web designers will have a portfolio, just like any other professional. They want to show you what they can do, and they want to make sure you know how skilled they are. So make sure you take a good look at what they’re showing you. That will help you judge if they’re going to be able to do the work you need to be done.

3) Check Their Work History

Like any job seeker, a professional web designer will have references. And like any person you’re thinking of hiring, make sure to check those references. Talk to other people who’ve hired them, and check how long it took them to do the work. See if they were difficult to work with. Ask the kind of questions you’d ask when thinking of hiring any person for any job.

4) Make Sure They’re Well Rounded

There are many different design and programming languages that can be used to design a website. Don’t settle on a web designer that only knows a few of these tools. Try to make certain that you’re hiring someone who has a large skill set. This will give them more tools with which to build your website. Ultimately, that will help you make sure your site is high quality.

5) Don’t Go Cheap

Hiring the cheapest web designer is tempting. You’re a startup, after all. You don’t have a lot of money to throw around. You should avoid that temptation! Like in all things, you get what you pay for. That’s not to say hire the most expensive web designer, of course. Just make sure you’re not hiring on price alone. Hiring a reliable web designer is incredibly important if you want your business to do well. So don’t skimp on this important decision! Make sure to do your research! (more…)