Wired Frames provides a daily innovative ideas and inspiration throughout web design, graphic design, 3D, and more. Bringing the best design ideas to our readers and providing the insight that allows them to maintain to date with the current trends.

We work very closely with professionals|experts and industry leaders versed in all aspect of UX to give a constant stream of engaging and valuable content.

With a huge knowledgeable editorial design team, we can produce hundreds of educated and top notch modern technology write-ups monthly distributed in our blog, Youtube channel, and other authority sites as guest post.

Kenny Miller, editor-in-chief

Kenny is editor-in-chief at Wired Frames. Over the last 10 years, Kenny has edited a number of digital magazines and print magazines and has written for publications including The Times, The Guardian, the Manchester Evening News, Smashing Magazine, Techcrunch, and many more

Email at: kenny@wiredframes.com

Kevin Poley, managing editor

Kevin Poley is managing editor at Wired Frames. Prior to that, he worked on specialist PC magazines. Kevin started out in local news in his hometown of Essex, and since then he has written for various national papers before moving to London to join Wired Frames. He has a wizard in web design, obsessed with typography and fashion.

Email at: kpoley@wiredframes.com

Jennifer Poley, content manager

As the surname indicates, Jennifer is Kevin Poley’s (our managing director as written above as a reminder) sister and is a super active member in Wired Frames. She has lots of ideas on web technology that she keeps floor them with her staff to produce the best contents for our readers. She run her own website about Women Empower IT while keep pouring her thoughts for us

Email at: jenpoley@futurenet.com

Content team

Alex, Linda, May

These three siblings were formerly our enthusiast readers. During Wired Frames’ growth, we kept getting emails from them what contents should we discuss for next post. We valued their ideas and couldn’t help it not to take them to cherish our content team

Email at: go.alex@wiredframes.com, go.linda@wiredframes.com, go.may@wiredframes.com

Billy Costan, IT manager

Billy is the brain that combines all ideas we have into a beautiful blog with lots of features and functionality. Back then, before Billy joined us, our site was just a simple HTML site with articles and images. Luckily we found him at UX Summit in 2012 and he liked our ideas so here he is.

Email at: billycostan@wiredframes.com

Jason Carter, Head of the staff writer

Jason comes from an SEO and web copywriting background, Jason first came to Wired Frames for a month of internship and he proved his talents. Away from the office, Jason likes to write songs and play his guitar, and also play with Mr. Cozak, his 3-year old cat.

Email at: jasoncarter@wiredframes.com